Sitting in Limbo

At the moment, I struggle to write in my blog. Suggestions?? I am all ears. I guess I have been thinking about which way this blog will go. I have accomplished much of the goals we have set forth with recycling old material, seed-saving, and utilizing beneficial insects to help eradicate invasive, harmful insects. I … Continue reading Sitting in Limbo

To Plant A Seed

It is that time again. If you live in a warmer climate, chances are, you have already started planting. If you live in Colorado, you may be soured by our recent snowstorm and temperature drop. There is always a chance of late snow or late frost in April and May.  So be prepared.  As much … Continue reading To Plant A Seed

Inse[c]t a bug.

So, bugs.  I have never been a fan.  They fly/sting/bite/crawl/land on you. Thus, they make a horrible crunching sound should you accidentally, or purposefully, crush one.  Invertebrates are disgusting. Fast forward to the present-day and I am in the garden picking tomatoes.  I look up and I am staring straight into the face of a … Continue reading Inse[c]t a bug.

The Dry Spell

Now that I’ve been gardening for about 3 years, I never knew how much I would worry about my garden’s growth and production.  Now I know. This summer I found myself taken away from my garden.  Only periodically did I pay attention as things grew and needed more water or pruning.  A summer thought to … Continue reading The Dry Spell

Hiatus Over…

I took a hiatus over the winter months to refresh my spirit and actually reach out to beyond my comfort zone.  I have started volunteering for other gardening projects and so far, the friends I have made have been like gold to me.  I’ve been learning a few tricks of the trade while working on … Continue reading Hiatus Over…


Winter is here and I welcome the break with ease.  I am slow to realize in that in this day and age, food production and plant growth can continue even in the deadest of times.  But I choose to rest.  The earth will awaken in spring.  But for now, rest. Lately, I have been reviewing … Continue reading Rest